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Friday, June 27, 2008

Kaawaran na naman....

Ay sus berdey ko na ulet….isang taon na naman ang napadagdag sa aking edad…hanubayan….
Eto wari ko ba ay patanda na ng patanda hehehe…..feeling young pa rin, young at heart e….
Labs gift is a Burberry watch…luv it….thanks labs….

Dinner at Sakura with some JES friends who does not have any idea it’s my birthday nyehehe..

Friends & Family who greets me:
Thank you all for remembering…..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

House Renovation Day 20

Progress photos sent by Wena:
Looks like the 2nd floor column / slab has been casted.
Contractor works so fast as it’s only day20 of the 90d contract. We’re all happy it’s going fast. We are thinking about the rainy season that will slow down the construction but on this fast phase, the roof will soon be installed and will help a lot for work continuity when the rain comes…

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Our 6th church wedding anniversary.
Mamya pala mag 10 years na kami, imagine we were married in civil ceremony for 8 years this December. Sabi nila you can renew vows na daw ulet after 10yrs…hmmmm….

heniwey Hapi Anniv Giliw…..may we continue to have blissful life together in the years to come!!

And to celebrate, we went to attend the 10am tagalog mass at Novena Church, saw Sonia/Alan & Tedie/Lala after the mass then we went to lunch at Sizzler Suntec…

btw and unfortunately typhoon Frank wreak havoc in Phils., even causing a passenger ship to shrink…how sad….

Saturday, June 21, 2008

JES Night Safari

Ang JES e nag-arrange ng family day sa kanilang employee and porke si labs e andun pa rin siempre kasama pa rin nya ako sa family night.

Saw some of my previous PMs / Dept Heads / Colleagues / Friends – such a great time seeing all of them again. Some asks if I will return back to JES hehe…

Here’s some photos taken with group of friends:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father’s Day & Balik Singapura

Flight back to Singapore. Such a short trip…..

And Happy Father’s Day to all padirs…..
Specially ke AMA….

Saturday, June 14, 2008

St. Benedict Monastery

Went to San Jose for some St. Benedict medallions.

Columns footings will be cast tomorrow and as normal “erehiya”, we have to put something on the footing daw.

Normally the following will be casted together with the footing:
- Asin (don’t know for what)
- Asukal (don’t know for what)
- Benditadong palaspas (probably for blessing)
- Coins (for prosperity, of course…I’ll put in Singapore dollar coins para times 32 hehe)
- and most people say this St Benedict medallions as St. Benedict pala is the patron saint/protector of the house

So, have to drive to San Jose and buy about 50 small medallions for the ten columns.
As it is, diretso na rin kami sa Robinson Lipa for some lakwatsa specially the kids.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dito pa rin sa bayan ng ala-eh…

Morning time – had a talk with the subcon on the type of finishes for the house, full understanding of contract and schedule of payment.
After Lunch – went to city with the kids, play time….

Re: House Renovation Day 7 – still progressing on column footing excavation and house demolition

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Uwian muna ulet....

Umuwi muna ako ng Pinas kaninang madaling araw para sa ilang papeles na kelangan ko ayusin.
Dumating dito sa Batangas ng 8am, punta ng bank ng 10am, meet-up with concern people and finalize deal by 2pm.
Afterwards, lakwatsa time with the beautiful kids….

Re: House Renovation Day 6 – progress on house demolition

Saturday, June 07, 2008

House Renovation – Demolition Starts & Saying Goodbye to the Old House

Demolition starts today, I have mix feelings because the ancestral home is really really old….

This is the house that has been in my grandparents possession as far as I can remember, granted there were so many additions / renovations done but I still remember this house with the ground floor only done in bamboo slats as walls, flooring as rough cement, a rectangular heavy wood dining table that’s really is so big that more often being borrowed by neighbors during wedding receptions, with chairs what we called “bangko”. I remember all of us cousins / aunts / uncles at one time or another have lived in the house. All the ‘apos’ eating on the same big table. There’s Belen always falling asleep during dinner; there’s Mamay making an egg shape out of sinangag so some of the smaller kids will have the motivation to eat. There’s a big basket hanging over the table where Nanay keep the fruits and bread.

This is the house I remember having an old style wood chair on the second floor as sala set. There’s only one room then and we all basically sleep on the second floor sala with banig & kulambo. This is the house I remember having white crocheted covers and curtains during fiestas. The house where Mamay trousers always hang by the main door (we always ask him for singko hehehe).

It always been said that the house is protected from bad elements by our Mamay since he was an albularyo with anting anting know how (you know how it was with anting anting during those days). Well, they always say that during the war and Hapon invasion, the house seen from the street was not a house but woods & shrubs instead. Maybe true or not? Don’t know as I was only repeating what the oldies told us hehehe…I am digressing…

Basically this house is more than 60 years old, I think. We all practically grew up here. It was bought by my parents from my grandparents hence my family is the only ones left living in it. Renovations has been added here and there to what it is today. Sadly it has to go since it’s already starting to deteriorate. The tabla walls is seeping through with waters during rainy seasons, the tabla flooring on the second floor has shrink already. But those roof wood rafters and main wood columns are the best wood there is as until now it’s still strong and hard as before. One of the wood column won’t even be nailed thru if you want to use hammer and nails….antique eh…

So it’s time to say goodbye to the old house and start a new one, I’ll miss those big Capiz window, they don’t do those type of window anymore.….so many rainy seasons enjoyed by just lying down on the bed with the window open and the rain pouring down….

Anyway, hopefully the same blessings and protections will be carried over on to the new house….

Friday, June 06, 2008

House Renovation – Moving Out

Today is moving out day....

After searching for temporary place to stay during house construction, they've found the perfect place:

- not too crowded
- not much worries on kids probably going out to the streets
- quiet place
- cheaper rent
- same area location as the old house

And now they have to move and settle down....
Specially the kids, who will probably find it strange at first...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

House Renovation – First Step

After so many years of planning, asking twice for quotations, checking budget if possible, etc..etc…

Finally the ancestral house renovation will push through….

Contract signing done…demolition will follow soon…

This is a big step for us, we hope all will work out well….

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fiesta sa aming nayon….

Uy may mini fiesta sa aming barrio ngayon, ika sampung taon kaarawan ng Patron Cruz.

Kumbaga sa batangas ang tawag dito e fiesta sa kalye hindi sa bahay bahay, kasi fiesta nga matuturing pero mas madami ang walang handa pagkain sa bahay bahay…
Ang selebrasyon at saya ay nasa chapel at nasa kalsada….

Siempre me banda ng musiko at itong aming bunini, nakita lang ang majoret e nagpabihis na ng kanyang magandang palda, boots, kumuha ng patpat at ginaya na ang majoret…..kaaaliw si bunini…

Nung gabi ng fiesta pagkatapos ng pursisyon, me battle of the band at pers time manuod ni Iel, at the same time pers time uuwi ng madaling araw…
Si Jolo M, super worried sa kanyang kuya at ang bilin sa kanyang Inay e wag daw isasara ang bahay at papatayin ilaw kasi wala pa daw kuya nya…so sweet…

Katuwa aking mga pangpangkin…

Happy Fiesta Sambat….