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Stressed out….

Truly….I am so stressed, my work load is killing me. My shoulders and neck are so stiff that I am now thinking of going to my massage guru. But I have to wait for this week-end to come, nyway maybe labs will do it for me…have to ask him later at home.

Darn this work….kundi nga lang kelangan ang salapi sa buhay….hay life…..

Mga blog na binabasa ko

Aalis na daw yung peborit kong basahin na me ari ng blog, pupunta na daw sa us of a. Sana kahit andun na sya ay magsulat pa rin sya. Tatlo lang silang perborit blog ko, si tambay from singapore, si sassy from pinas at si cat from usa….tambay & cat for amusement and sassy for food blog and opinions on government issues, etc; si tambay parang kausap mo yung mga barkada mo na taga probins na down to earth, si cat parang cynic na me humor at si sassy magaling magluto, halos yata lahat ng pinakain ko ke taba eh dun ko kinuha sa food blog nya…magaling pang nanay at asawa.

Pero kahit malimit ako sa blog nila ay di ako mag iwan iwan ng comment…ewan lang….basta enjoy na lang ako magbasa ng blog nila..

Bye tambay, sana ma-update pa rin yung blog nya kahit di na sya tambay na engineer sa singapore….

27 ngayong June 38…..

I turn 27 this June 38 and it feels good.
I’m ever so grateful reaching this age…..2yrs na lang at life will begin na daw heh… if hindi pa nagsisimula ang buhay ko.

Ang kaibahan lang ngayon di na ko nag ce-celebrate, it’s just an ordinary day regarding celebrations and a special day because of what I am feeling right now. Thankful na ako sa lahat ng blessings ko sa buhay at nakarating ako sa edad na ito.

Yung mga friends and family ko di pa rin nakalimot bumati, madaling araw lang yata me sms sa ko….

I’m happy and contented.…and I just wish that I’ll have more happy returns to come….

Lunch Date

I was up early today, not my usual thing but I have to start early on my lunch preparation. By 9am I've started cooking already and did not finish up til 12noon, jsut in time for lunch. My cousins are here for lunch and we've just had some pizza, tinamad na ko magluto merienda so order na lang..

We're now having a movie marathon while Labs is playing x-box with my cousin's son...
yan na lang muna...

Good Bye Miss Ma H.B.

She's one of many pinoy co-workers here and she's the one who showed me on how to get about the place. She told me and accompanied me on my first church service here. My hubs did not joined me until 5mos later and because of that Ms H. and I were always together after work. We'll eat out together then window shop until 10pm. We have the same taste in style and shopping with her is quite enjoyable. After labs came then we rarely go out together although we still talk to each other in the office. Having the chance to know her makes me realize how I miss all my girl friends back home. I am glad that I know her here and hopefully will be able to see her again someday.

She's leaving for personal reasons, it's time for her to move on and I wish her all the best that life has to offer, and all the blessings that God will grant her….
Bye dear, it was nice working with you…do keep in touch…..

It's Inay birthday….

I am not always close to my mother as we did not sometimes agree on most things, but still I am grateful to her for all she’s done for us. It was not easy taking care of five kids, it was not easy going through the phases of life with each of us but she did it.

There were times when we are all studying, all five of us, two in university and three in secondary school and money is not enough, this was also the time that Itay has stopped working for over a year, she did all the earnings doing small time businesses. I remember them preparing the special ice candy late into the night. These ice candies were then delivered to some schools in the morning who have agreed to sell them. I know it was not easy to prepare those because it looks to me like the ice cream preparation and she’s doing it manually and hundreds of it because we have quite a number of schools to deliver it to. I remember we have a big freezer to contain them and lots of ice boxes for deliveries. She persists until Itay…


Just came back from a wonderful dinner that Labs has arranged for us. I’m so happy and so full & bloated too, ate too much hehe…sayans I forgot to bring our camera.

Thanks Labs and happy anniversary again…

It's been three years….

Three years ago around this time, I am having my make-up done while giving instructions on how to get the flowers from the shop. Labs were in town trying to guide my in-laws on how to get to our house….three years ago by 12noon we’re married. Now it still feels like we’ve just been married, the three years we’ve spent together was the most beautiful time of my life. Our love has never waned and we still says “love you” in the evening before going to sleep and morning time after waking up. It’s not a routine thing. It is our way of saying that we are so in love with each other after all these years.

I cannot imagine my life without him by my side. For me it’s so fortunate that we are living here, outside our own country, having each other only to lean on to. Yes, we do have friends but still, our best friends are ourselves to each other. We are always together, be it hanging around, going around town and doing things together. As I was saying to him the other day, I guess if we were i…

Father's Day

Talked to father just now and after listening to his rant about my brother I've at least greeted him a happy father's day. For me he is the best father there is, we all grew up without him supervising or disciplining us hence the reason why all five of us is not that really close with him. He did not have a choice, he has to go out of the country to give us the best education, best life that money can get. Initially I have not really grasp the sacrifice he did for all of us and probably until now my siblings does not understand fully his sacrifices. I've only learned about it when it was my turn to work somewhere far away from home. I'm luckier somehow that my work is pretty much easier that his. When I saw our site people working under the hot sun all day long, that was the time that I fully understand what he did for us. And he did it for 25 yrs of his life.

Most son/daughter will always side with their mother but I've always been a father's girl from the sta…

Busy Week

I am so busy with my current work load and I'm having a hard time updating this blog. I hope I still can do minimum updates per week.

I was on leave yesterday and spent the whole morning cooking baked macaroni filipino style or rather Batangas style....yummy, sabi ni mister...

Inay & Itay on the other hand are both suffering from trankaso. I hope they'll get better soon.


I have to write this down, my eldest nephew is 10 and this summer he started to be aware of the opposite gender. It started when their neighbor went over to their place to play. Normally, my nephews will not go out of their house to play with other kids, they are just contented to play with each other and within their front yard but then with the 5yr gap between the two boys, the older one is growing fast and the common interest between the two are waning. So this girl went over to their place and according to my sister was asking my nephew to come and play computers dun sa me kanto. That started it, and every now & then they will play at home and whenever I called up, they will answer me with "Tita, we have a new friend, gusto mo kausapin mo?"...

The changes were not noticeable at first but then when it did, we all became amused by it. Like yesterday the kapitbahay came by and nephew #1 immediately took a bath and sprayed perfume on him…halimuyak daw sa buong bahay hahah…

Anak ng Jueteng

Yan ang topic kagabi sa The Correspondent thru TFC channel. Ipinagbabawal na naman ang jueteng sa lupang hinirang at madami ang apektado nito. Yung mga nagbigay ng interview ay mga umaasa sa jueteng, karamihan ay mga kapos sa pang araw araw na pangkabuhayan. Me isa pang interview na wala pa daw silang nababalitaan na bumagsak ang kabuhayan sa jueteng, sows!! pano pa babagsak ang isang taong nasa baba na? Madali kasi pagkakitaan ang jueteng and dun lang sila umaasa. Si Lola nga buong buhay na yata tumataya sa jueteng pero di ko alam kung nanalo na ni minsan, tsaka pano kaya tumataya si Lola ngayon gayung bawal na pala, di ko ma-imagine hehe…she's 90plus by the way…

Ang isa pang nakakatawa ay kahit na ipinagbawal, dahil sa pagiging magaling ng isang pinoy ay meron silang ipinalit sa jueteng, "loteng"…base naman sa lotto, but I didn’t catch how it works….Onli in the pilipins, ika nga….

Stupid Questions that need intelligent answers

Got this thru forwarded emails...nakakatawa din...

Ang aking kaibigan ay mayroon lang mga ilang katanungan na matagal nang bumabagabag sa kanyang araw-araw na pamumuhay. Maaaring ang iba rito ay alam na rin ito ngunit walang makapagbigay ng akmang kasagutan o pagpapaliwanag. Ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

1. Pwede bang bumili ng hapi meal ang isang taong malungkot?

Pwede, dahil ang masaya doon ay ang nagluluto hindi ang bumibili!

2. pwede bang uminom ng softdrink kapag coffee break?

Pwedeng uminom ng softdrink kung coffebreak ngunit kailangan itong lagyan ng asukal at kopimeyt. kopimeyt dapat at huwag gatas.(milk in my cereal, kopimeyt in my pepsi. sounds good to me!)

3. pwede bang gamitin ang a.m. radio pag gabi na?

Maari lamang gamitin ang a.m. radio kapag gabi kung ang iyong pakikinggan ay f.m.

4. ang fire exit ba ay labasan ng apoy?

Ang fire exit ay ginagamit lamang bilang labasan ng apoy kapag may sunog. Ito ang kanilang daan upang sila'y makatakas o ang tinatawag na "fire escape&…

What drives you?

"Many people are driven by materialism" (Purpose Driven Life) - according to the book, this is base on misconception that having more will make one more happy, more important and more secure.

But what if you are driven by materialism but the reason is not of the above mentioned? What if you want to have more so you can help those people around you to have a better life. Is there something morally wrong with that?

I wish.....

…..that I could quit working and not worry about anything
…..that I can give all the best there is to my parents and siblings
…..that I can live in the suburbs like I want to for quite sometime
…..that hubby and I can still have kids
…..that I can stop worrying about anything
…..that I couldn't care less whatever is happening around me

Hay buhay…….


My three favorite little people in this side of the world.
They're my nephews and this blog will sometime feature them.

The First

I've just created a blog...
I will still think of what my entire content will be.