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Paolo at 9mos

Ang bilis ng panahon, ito pong si Sao Paolo e 9mos old na at madami na alam like iling iling, asan lights, tawag dadi, palakpakan, etc...lakas pa daw kumain hehe, at super likot daw.

Sabi ko nga ke Red, humanda sila sa paghabol pag lumalakad na si ka Pa-U-Lo...
We'll go home for his 1st birthday...

Angie's Visit

Finally Angie had the chance to visit here. She came for a four day Aquarama show and stayed with us. We had a blast of a time catching up, came-up with sore throat after a four day talking non-stop hehe... She wants to try some of the local foods so most of the time we ate at hawker centers, she tried chicken rice, ban mian, laksa, hokien mee, yong tau fo, beef hor fun and one coconut delicacy...AND she's on a diet hahahaha...
It was such a great time and so good to have a friend visiting. I'm really glad we had this time together. I admire my dear friend on how she handles marriage, kids and her life. She's such a positive person...
Here's some of our photo's:

Watching out for the unthinkable.......

We were at TTSH yesterday to visit the guy who was involved in the accident. He was okay and had some shoulder and ankle fractures.
This entry is not about the accident, though we are really glad that he was okay.
Well, it was commendable how the hospital has a very stringent temperature scanning and registration for those entering / visiting the hospital.
There was only one entry, on which a scanner is in place to check individual person temperature. Then you have to fall in line again for registration for contact tracing if something happen, they will stamped your hand to identify those that has been registered and only allowed two person at a time to go visit a patient. They also have a set-up for receiving patients in case of outbreak. That's really a very good practice...
With this current virus scare what the people here is doing is being very responsible and very watchful for the possible spread...

Whew...what a day it was....

It was really a damper on a very nice day.
Accidents really happen.
We just had one yesterday and it was really scary.
It also happened during Louie's visit, we were so lucky that we were not hurt because all of us were wearing seatbelts.
Unfortunately, the other guy was hurt and has to be taken to the hospital.
We're also thankful he was not seriously hurt.
Such unfortunate event....sigh....

Saldo nth Visit

My friend Rosaldo is in town again for another business trip and since we have basically covered all the places that needs to be visited here we just have a makan marathon.
We tried different restaurants with one result, laging bundat hehehe

And as usual hindi mawawala ang pagkamaligawin ni bespren, nalito lang naman sa train from airport to our place. Ni repeat lang naman yung isang trip from airport to exchange station hehe, kaya pala 11pm na e wala pa sa bahay nyehehe...

I'm sure next time na visit nya e sanay na sya sa train or talagang normal na lang talaga ang maligaw hahaha....

Cross fire paintball team building....and this is what i got

Yesterday had a team building with colleagues from work. We did the crossfire paintball at Discovery Center.

It was good fun and did require some strategy to win the game. We were grouped into five had elimination game and last game was last man standing kind of thing. As it was with my luck, look at what I got..a big bruise on my forearm!! It hurts so much leh..

How time flies….

Here’s what happened so far:
- The new job is too far from home, a two hour travel just going there but I am still thankful that I have this job even with this on-going crisis
- March was spent adjusting to the new job, work okay compared to previous jobs, I don’t have much work load, it somehow helps that I am on the client side nyehehe
- Went back for a short visit during holy week and attended Madam Ofie’s 25th wedding anniversary, that was nice coz we get to dressed up formally…so much fun
- Went for Mico’s dedication and MJ baptismal, that was nice being ninong and ninang
- Had some fun attending team building at the office, the next one will be paintball whatever daw
- Eric is so busy with his bowling game with SAMA and some golf
- Had the May1 labor day spent spring cleaning, as in naki-isa sa labor day, it was a long week end just shopping and eating
- Rachel went back for Tatay’s May 1 bday, the family and kids are all well

Not too much eh, but the time comes and goes so quickly and n…