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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Latest Blessing...

To cap-off the the month of August,
We welcome the latest blessing from above:

Red Paolo, born on 30Aug08 at 1.30am…

Such great news amidst all the forgetable events of the month...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ayos ‘to….

Me reunion concert daw ang e-heads sa 30August…
Dami kontrobersya ba.. - sponsor ang isang tobacco company, libre daw tiket basta magdala lang ng empty case ng tobacco company.,tig 2mil daw ang bayad bawat isa sa banda kaso inulan ng intriga kasi sa sponsor, etc, etc….
eto ang latest nag pull out yung sponsor pero tuloy pa rin daw ang concert kaso me hindi na libre ang tiket…(pulos “daw” yan kasi rinig / basa ko lang ba…)
Tyak madami manunuod nung concert kung sakali…
Hintayin ko na lang yung CD or DVD ng reunion, siguro naman meron.
Gusto ko rin yang band na yan e….

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another wants…

I would really like to buy one of these..

Cons will buy for me when she goes to Paris next month, maybe it’s cheaper there??
We’ll see or else I’ll buy here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wala na si Madona…

I think I have previously written here about our likings for pet and the latest one being our myna bird we call Madona.
Sad to say, and I’ve only learned of it yesterday, Madona has passed away a week ago huhuhu…
Siguro because of the change in her cage location and the disturbance of the construction activity kaya namatay.
Nalungkot siguro, kasi we temporarily ask our neighbor to house and feed her, ayun nalungkot siguro.
Sayang talaga coz we had her for quite a long time, more than 10years I think?
And she can talk a bit also like “tao po”, “me tao”, “kumain ka na?”, “si rigor?”, konti words lang actually pero so amusing lalo na pag me bisita.
Last time I went back, she’s a bit still and my cousin was saying that some says myna birds if moved will not talk anymore, parang disoriented.
Di lang na-disorient, namatay pa…tsk tsk sayang..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Iel’s 14th Birthday..

Today, Leo Gabriel turns 14. Binata na nga…
No fanfare, he just wants to eat out and ask for some gifts.
Kaso hindi simpleng gift lang ang gusto hehe…

Happy Birthday Iel….
We love you and be good always…

Saturday, August 09, 2008

House Renovation Day 64

Latest pictures sent by Wena.

At day 64, me bubong na ang new house and they are starting with some finishes sa loob. Me tiles na ang toilet walls, finish na ang bedroom walls sa taas, naka antabay na ang pamakuan ng kisame, etc...etc..

Hopefully, they will be able to finish it as per contractual date of 07Sept08.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Baby ni Red & Blu…

Sometime soon and we hope he’ll wait for the right time, a new baby will be welcome into the family.

Another boy courtesy of Red & Blu. After 5yrs? Of marriage they will finally have their first baby. It’s a difficult pregnancy with Blu being in bed for the first trimester, then mostly confined at home (even moving back in to her Mom’s place). Now at 33wks the baby is a bit eager to be born so Blu was again advised to remain in bed for the remaining weeks. Initially scheduled for C-section on 8Sept, they might operate early at last week Aug.

Right now Blu is confine in the hospital for further check-up due to breathlessness and some minor pains. We are all hoping and praying that the baby can wait for the right time and that Red & Blu will have the positive outlook needed to make this happen…

Monday, August 04, 2008

Too much time now…

Well, after 9mos of grueling work in the previous company;
9mos of being so tense and stressed out that at some point in time I feel like crying already;
9mos of doing the most difficult project I have ever handled;
the project that caused me to leave the company I enjoyed working for;
the project that got me thinking “this stress is not healthy anymore”, “this stress is not worth it”, “time to move on”, etc, etc….

And I did move on…to a new company, same skill but different business nature.
The 1st month was a bit hectic, I joined at the time there’s a bid submission so it was a busy month.
The 2nd month was winding down and getting familiar with system and attending few trainings.
The 3rd and 4th month was totally nothing exciting, nothing challenging. It was a month of less work load, too much free time.
Going on to the 5th month now and every day is a bit of struggle to find something meaningful to read, to do, to re-do.
Done some sample projects, done some project scenarios using the latest software version, done some re-numbering of project details to suit the procedures….
All in all, basically done the most menial and boring task I can think of to pass the time….
wahhh I’m so bored already.

I am thinking why can’t I have something in between, the last job & this job is so extreme-extreme that found myself complaining as I have complained before….
(I know, it’s very bad of me to complain and I am guilty also…and I dun’ want to lose this job since it’s helping me a lot on the financial aspect of life)

There’s no satisfying a human being eh….
Sabi nga nila: “pasensya na po, tao lamang…….”

Friday, August 01, 2008

How many cups per day?

Yeah, I was having a sandwich for lunch and suddenly thought about how many cups of coffee I am drinking in a day??...

Well, On week-ends only one cup in the morning during breakfast but from Monday to Friday, in the office I'll take a cup of black coffee with a bit of sugar in the morning, another cup during 10am break, then lunch is another cup of cappuchino and another cup again around 3pm or 4pm. Coffee intake varies with black, black with sugar, cappuchino and cafe coffee machine kasi na libre, sows...

And how many months I'm doing this already?? since I start working here in Singapore, that's about 8years already hmmmm....

I think I have to stop drinking too much coffee, kaya yata nerbyosa na ako these days.
This time I should really limit myself to one cup a day.
Some days I alternate to drinking green tea then after a while goes back & stay with addicting coffee again. Medyo boring kasi ang green tea though they say it's more healthy. I want to try some flower tea but I still have to buy those & buy also a small tea maker...
So no more cup'a for a while...